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                                          Reviewed by amtalton03 

  Sep 27, 2017                  Sep 27, 2017

                                                                     5 out of 5 stars   




Pendant light, Rustic Pendant Light, Antique Yoke, Reclaimed Vintage Yoke, Vintage hanging Light, Shabby Chic, Country Decor, Chandelier




                                           Reviewed by Velinda Nienow

                                           Jan 3, 2017

                                                                     5 out of 5 stars   



Great work & exactly what I was looking for.

Whiskey Bottle Pendant Lights

                                            Reviewed by bulldawg1967

                                            Mar 23, 2016

                                                                     5 out of 5 stars   



Very nicely made and great craftsmanship! Nearly instant delivery! I love how the red knob turns it on and the vintage type cord! Once I get the room together that I'm redecorating, if I have room for another I'm gonna get one! Thanks so much!!


Pipe Lamp, Industrial Pipe Lamp, Table lamp, Edison Bulb, Steampunk Lamp